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Buying a house is one of the most crucial decisions of an individual’s life. More than bricks and mortar, it is a blend of emotions, planning, and future. However, the process is a lot more complicated than we could imagine. In order to streamline the hassle of purchasing your dream home, experts at Mantri Developers provide a low down:-

  1. Set up an appointment

Contact the builders via their e-mail or toll free number and book the date and time of your choice. To harness the most out of this meeting, inform their team about your choice of project(s), budget, area specifications, and other details for the best possible alternatives.

  1. Site Visit

After selecting the project(s) of choice, a company representative will accompany you in the visit to the site. They will elaborate the features and Unique Selling Points of the project. A feedback form may be given to you for suggestions and improved understanding of the fundamental needs of your dream home.

  1. Choose your home

Since the prerequisites, requirements, and options have been laid out, this is the time to choose the house you want to buy. According to a representative at Mantri Developers, virtual models and detailed features of the project as well as the house of choice are given to the customer for a comparative analysis.

Once you have made the decision, inform the builders for the allotment application form. As you submit the form, pay the advance amount and book the flat/villa/plot of your choice.

  1. Finance

Home loan is the most feasible option for buyers from all walks of life. You can speak to a bank representative to know about the EMI and other aspects of the loan. However, some builders like Mantri Developers offer the option to facilitate customer loan and eliminate the hassle of going to the bank.

  1. Sale agreement

As you receive the loan approval, you are eligible to sign the sale agreement. Read the terms and conditions, discuss the doubts.

  1. Possession

You will receive an official notice from the builders that the project is complete. After the completion of the formalities associated with your house, the builder will hand over the keys to you on the delivery date (or before).


Now, all what’s left is to convert the house into your dream home with interiors, amenities, and shades of your preference.

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